The colour and shape of a flower or an organic texture inspire us to create new floral designs. At Botanicum Atelier Floral we start out with a sketch of what we want and then combine either essential or unexpected materials into a bouquet or a floral centerpiece. From the smallest details to really large dimensions, we play with a contemporary interpretation of nature. A new concept of floral design and of flower shops.

At our shop and workshop, we offer bunches of dry, preserved or fresh flowers made up of unique lines, volumes and textures; centerpieces and plants on supports of our own design which stand out for their visual lightness. A wide range of original vases, flower pots and baskets of extraordinary colours, textures and shines. These are all on show in an impressive setting decorated by the Botanicum Atelier Floral team, a space which in itself explains our philosophy.

Where are we

Botanicum Atelier Floral


C/ Banys Vells nº 7

08003 Barcelona

+34 938 071 800

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